Effects of Estrogen??

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Hi beautifull's, I am really wanting get hormones but I am trying to think it about more. Could people tell me their experiencesbeing on Estrogen? What are the effects like? Does it kill ones sex drive. Is E supposed to make ones mind feel more complete with ones body? I would apreciate any responces.
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    Re: Effects of Estrogen??

    Wed, April 13, 2005 - 8:32 PM
    I can tell you the short term effects of hormone therapy... I was taking beginner's doses of estradiol (synthetic estrogen) and spironolactone (testosterone blocker) in pill form for six months, August 2003- Feb. 2004, under a doctor's supervision.

    For the first couple of weeks, I felt nothing. It was about a month in that I started to notice changes definite changes to my face. It was hard to put my finger on exactly what was different, and I used to drive my then-girlfriend up the wall every morning asking if my face looked different to her. I was a little obsessed because I couldn't quite figure out what was different... but over time I could see that my pores got a little smaller, my skin smoothed out and was less oily, it took on a slightly translucent quality... over time I looked a little younger and definitely more androgynous.

    About two months in, my chest started to get sore and my nipples got pointy. I'm fairly thin, so until then, the skin of my chest had been stretched tight like a drum. But over the next few months, little nodules gradually started to form under my nipples, and a layer of fat developed around the whole area that definitely wasn't there before. Subtle changes to the outside world, but I noticed it big time. One day I was squeezing the nodule to see what it felt like, and liquid came out of all these tiny pores in my areolae. My girlfriend and I were freaked out. It turns out I was lactating! Turns out that sometimes taking estrogen tricks your body (even an anatomically male body) into thinking you're pregnant.

    My sex drive didn't really change all that much except for two things. One is that I stopped having morning erections. The other is that after a few months, I noticed that my semen, which had been milky, had changed to clear liquid.

    I noticed that my emotions were a lot closer to the surface. By December, I would have moments where I would want to be alone and cry for no reason. It may sound bad, but it actually felt good to have that emotional release! It felt good to feel higher highs and lower lows in my emotional world, but also a little disturbing that I was less in control of my emotions.

    My sexual orientation also changed somewhat. I became much more bisexual than I had been. I was still just as attracted to girls, but I also found myself much more attracted to boys as well. So really my orientation didn't so much change as expanded. It went from 80/20 to 60/40 girls/boys.

    And according to my then-girlfriend, my pheromones changed too. I actually think pheromones are one of the most under-studied phenomenon in human interaction. They're incredibly powerful. There were a couple of times that I had stopped taking hormones for a week or two (yeah, yeah, I know you're not suppose to do that - don't try this at home kids), and my girlfriend could totally tell! When I was off hormones, she loved to breathe me in and snuggle up close to me in bed. When I was on hormones, she didn't have that subconscious urge. So if you are with a partner, expect them to react to you differently, no matter how accepting or enthusiastic they are - you're changing a lot of things about your organism, including your pheromones, which affect the subconscious of people around you.

    The changes to my face and skin and the pheromones actually made it easier for me to pass as a girl when I was in what I thought of as "boy" mode. I got called ma'am or lady so many times when I was out in just jeans and t-shirts and little to no makeup. It was usually only when I wore makeup and skirts and padded bras that I got read as a tranny - because I stood out more wearing those things.

    Once I stopped taking hormones, a lot of things changed back halfway.
    My face is still more femme than when I started, but not as femme as it looked in Feb. 2004. My pointy prepubescent breasts flattened out, but the baby fat is still there. My butt and hips are a little wider than when I started. I'm still more attracted to boys than when I started, but not as much as when I was actually on hormones. I remember being really hot for a guy I met at a Thanksgiving party, and then later running into him again after I'd been off hormones for six months, and wondering to myself what the big attraction had been. My emotions are definitely on more of an even keel - it's rare that I cry anymore, which kinda sucks because I kinda think it can be good for you sometimes.

    All in all, the results of my six month experiment were unclear, as that I still am unsure whether taking hormones is the right or wrong thing for me. I didn't necessarily feel more complete with my body, just different, and more aware of it. I think I'm one of those borderline cases, bi-gendered or something else that we really don't have a concept for in our culture.
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    Thu, April 14, 2005 - 2:22 AM
    taking estrogen even along with being post-orchiectomy never killed my sex drive or the ability to have an erection and maintain one when i still had those parts.
    what it did kill was the SPONTANEOUS erection that guides so many males through life. they occured when you wanted them.

    taking estrogen alone in a male body is rather self-defeating.
    unless you curb the testosterone output the testy will win over the estrogen you take.

    keep in mind that if you stop the effects to regress....all but the change in size of your aureola (area around the nipples). if you had a lot of breast develpment and stopped you may have smaller sagging breasts remaining.

    within a month i experienced all the expected changes beginning.
    breasts budding....fat shifting from typically male areas to hips....sublte facial changes to a point that now....most in person guess my age to be 15 years younger.....of course electrolysis removal or laser removal of facial hair makes a huge difference. the lips fill out a bit.

    what does not change is hand size or foot size...although they did get slimmer and a bit more feminine looking.

    skin softer.
    body hair sparser and finer.
    muscles dissipating
    even my shoulders which were quite broad have changed.

    best of luck to you.

    if you want to start out with herbal formulas and reach a very informative forum go to
    it is amazing but these products do work as they are pretty much all i took my first year transitioning.

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      Thu, April 14, 2005 - 9:19 AM
      Estrogen alone didn't dampen my sex drive but the orchi did.

      Estrogen alone is not as self defeating as portrayed. Taking exogenous estrogen has the effect of suppressing testosterone output and it's effect on tissues. This is why DES and other estrogens are used in the treatment of prostate cancer. Prostate cancers are driven by tesosterone and DES is a synthetic estrogen that exerts a strong estrogenic effect. Estrogens have been use alone and in conjunction antidrogens like Eulexin and Casodex. It is reasonable, however, to say that the effect of exogenous estrogens is not as high as it would be without the counter acting effect of endogenous testosterone and that when coupled with antiandrogens or orchiectomy their full effect can be had. That's a far cry from being self defeating though.

      If one is experimenting with estrogens you should be aware of the fact ceasing estrogen therapy can cause despression. Essentialy a form of menopause occurs. Mood swings and depression are not uncommon if you've been taking estrogen regularly then stop. If you are going to stop estrogen therapy it would be a good idea to taper it off over 2-3 weeks.
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      Fri, April 15, 2005 - 7:44 PM
      Thanks for the replys everyone. I have a couple questions for you Jamie and anyone els who can help, if you don't mind... Would a doctor help me understand the amount of pills I should take and the suppluments I need if taking the erble supplument to medical Hormones for the beginning stages of transsision? How long can people take these erble hormones pills for?

      I read a whole bounch of stuff on the web site you offerd and it sounds amazing. I have know idea why I haven't known about this method of transision before. You had mentiond that within the first month you started to have changes, I am assuming you were on these erble hormones. Is there any readings that would help me, or advice any of you could give me, if I and when I start taking these pills to partialy transsision?

      I know these are alot of questions but I am just nervous and I am really wanting to do this the healthiest way i can. I am scared but i am excited at the same time. Anything you all could contribute that you find necassary or vitel for me to know, please feel free to state such information whether you think I will like it or not.

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        Fri, April 15, 2005 - 9:50 PM
        You might want to read up on herbals thoroughly. They are a poor substitue for estrogen. They are not herbal hormones. They are plant compounds that are estrogenic: that is to say the have estrogen like effects on the body but are not true estrogens. If you are planning on transition you would do best to pursue anti-androgen and hormone therapy. This will provide the maximum impact on tissue changes.

        (hormone related)

        (for general information)

        If you are seeking the heathiest way possible then using hormones under a doctors care is the best way. Over the counter herbal compounds are not regulated and there is no way to know what amounts of phytoestogens (or other substances are in them).
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          Wed, October 6, 2010 - 7:49 AM
          I know that one thing that is difficult, is trying to find online information that gives you a detailed time line of expected changes. One would think that something would be documented and posted... but (its probably because I am not a good "searcher") I haven't been able to find it.

          I have been on Estrodil (spelling may be wrong) and Spiro'. I started Spiro about one month before starting E. So, its been 2 months on Spiro and 1 month on E.

          I have noticed the following changes.
          1. Decreased growth of body hair. It still grows, however the "body" hair goes MUCH slower. As of today, there is not much of a change in beard growth.
          2. Smaller hairs have been noticed growing in the "balding" areas of my head.
          3. Recently, I have noticed that my skin on my extremeties feel smoother and softer, but my face is quite dry. Especially around the forehead area.
          4. There has been a slight odor change in urine.
          5. A calming effect. I need to be more precise on this. Its not that you quickly become dormant and submissive, or that you become "happy-happy, joy-joy"... I just found myself less angry and a lowered stress level. Now, I still have an anger outbreak, but NOTHING like before and it does not last as long. Yes, within the begining of this 2nd month, I have noticed that I am emotional during emotional parts of movies. You end up not wanting to fight the emotional feeling that you may get during that part of the movie... and you become irritated if you are distracted during that period. Its like you want to feel the emotion. Very strange feeling or thought, unless you are currently "wired" that way.
          6. Change in sex drive. Yes, the libido decreases. Morning erections lessen as time progresses... and somewhat quickly too. During orgasm, the discharge of seamen does decrease, and will probably change (as mine did) from white to clear. You still get the same feeling during the orgasm, its just you don't produce as much. You still want to be sexually active... you just need to be creative to give what you can for your partner/gf/spouse, etc. Viagra has been working, and other "items" of assistance are helpful too. I have found myself still looking at other women, but feeling different about them. Its not a "lust" look, more than a "study" look. You notice little things that you store in your mind. Techniques in how they walk, speak, communicate with body, smell, fashion, etc. I know that my interest in the "normal" porn that I "used" to be interested in, have no effect on me. I do find myself more sexually excited in reading erotic stories. Touching and holding become more satisfying and your skin gets real sensitive to touch... the feeling is nothing like you may have had before.
          7. I have found that some inhibitions that I may have had (as far as the way I act, the way I speak... more able to say what I feel and how I feel, stance, etc.) are slowly removed. You almost feel more natural to follow this natural movement... and to stop trying to suppress.
          8. In this 2nd month of total hrt, I have noticed a slight change/decrease in strength. I would say I am at 80-90% of my previous strength. It is also more natural for me to walk with my shoulders pulled back. In the begining, I needed to remind myself to do it, now I feel uncomfortable not doing it.
          9. I still sweat, but not nearly as much. Its amazing! Also, I get colder too. EASILY
          10. I had been dieting, with reduced carb levels. After I started on the E, I noticed that there was a SIGNIFICANT decrease in the rate of weight loss. There is also a noticeable decrease in metabolism and energy level.You will definately need to make sure you do what is needed to keep the energy level up.

          Whatever you decide to do (if you have already been doing... when I look at the time frames for this discussion), make sure that your medication delievery schedule is constant. Try not to miss a dose. Don't force any feeling or try to rush any false feelings. There are so many who do a full transition to srs, who apparently get more depressed because they find that they didn't want to go that far. Do all that you can for you. If you are happy where you are when you are, and that you find you don't like who you are after continuing further... CONTACT YOUR DOCTOR. They may be able to curb your medication to keep you at that "normal level" that you feel your most comfortable.

          Finally... one more thing. Be sure to keep a "diary" and photo update of changes. It will be more difficult for you to notice the differences, mainly because it will just appear normal as your mind function changes with you.

          Thanks :)
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          Re: Effects of Estrogen??

          Mon, November 8, 2010 - 4:17 PM
          Be very sure you talk about the risks/dangers of hormone therapy for transition. It is true that herbals are not as strong as exogenous hormones, but that is also a positive point too. Since they aren't as strong, they don't have the potentially deadly side-effects that accompany hormone therapy, and hence the necessity of taking under a physician's supervision. There are other alternatives that transwomen have used such as bovine ovary extracts and pueraria mirifica. These take much more time than hormones and implants, but also have less severe and just less side effects.