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topic posted Fri, December 26, 2008 - 11:59 AM by  Foxy
I have been on an herbal feminization program called "Flat-to-Fem" for just over a month now, and I am seeing results!

My breasts have swelled in size (about an inch and a half) my hips have become a little fuller, and my skin has become softer.

My topic is this, have you had experience with herbal feminization? What works, what doesn't? Have you had any side effects?

Flat-to-Fem says that its results are not as dramatic as hormones, but that you will not have any cock/ball shrinkage or become sterile either. So far my libido seems to have increased while on the program.
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  • I tried the supplement feminization thing. I don't know if that is what herbal is. TOO DAMN COMPLICATED. I now take the prescription stuff, myself. Course, I wanna do SRS someday, so am not too worried about sterilization.
    • My body hair is shaved, but it has gotten thinner and grows slower.

      The program I am using is called "Flat to Fem", you can Google it and it will come up.
      The program is a little complicated, You have to take a variety of herbal supplements 3 times a day, and massage your breasts with herbal extracts twice a day.

      I like all of the involvement (massages etc.) of the program, it somehow makes the process feel more personal. My breast massages are especially exciting since I spend time actually feeling the gathering softness of my budding breasts. I don't even mind my sore nipples, they serve as a reminder that my breasts swell a little larger each day!

      I have also noticed that my butt and thighs have grown some, and taken on a softer, rounded shape that is making it hard to fit into some of my jeans!
  • I have been on ginkgo biloba for about 2 weeks and my breasts have gotten softer and more feminine looking and my penis has grown about 1/4 inch. I am now cinsidering adding saw palmetto, gonseng and fenugreek to the supplements.
    • I didn't know that Ginko Biloba is a feminizer, I'll have to add it to my list of alternates.

      I have seen a lot of research that attests to the efficiency of Saw Palmetto and Fenugreek, I am using them and I am getting great results. I make a cream with Feungreek extract that I massage into my breasts, I can actually feel them expand sometimes! The only caveat with Fenugreek extract is that you end up smelling like pancake syrup.
      • my girl has been using estroven for ages and it works really well, with an assortment of other herbal mystical concoctions i cant, ( and no longer bother) keep track of, but i gotta say they work very well, and fenugreek seems to be working pretty good so far , but shes been on it for years, ( and im VERY happy with the results, woohoo, bigger boobies!!)
        We pick up estroven at Walgreens for about $18.00, not too bad, it lasts for about a week and go to a herbal supply store for the rest of whatever she uses, i dont bother to pay attention to what she gets anymore though, used to, but thats was years ago, whatever she uses works so im happy with it .
        • Recommendation for guys over the age of 25

          For men over the age of 25, a major hurdle to breast growth is the lack of human growth hormone. Levels drop drastically after age 25.

          What I have been doing to increase growth hormone levels is to take GABA, which is an amino acid. I am going to start taking arginine, lysine, and glutamine in order to push my growth hormone levels as high as possible.
          • O.k, when I started I was:
            Bust: 35.5
            Waist 30
            Hips 36

            Two months later...
            Bust 37.5
            Waist 32
            Hips 37

            I stalled a little during month two, but I got things going again by adding wild yam to my fenugreek/saw palmetto and red clover. My nipples were so sensitive this morning, riding my bike to work was a major turn on!
            • LOL!! you cracked me up.

              Soooo...... marathon bike riding anyone? Race ya! lol

              ill not bother to mention the effects of damiana, as it should be well known among this group,but i had the male version of your experience while experimenting with it many years back, always made it to work with a smile on my face, but yeah, i had to walk a little funny, lol.
              • Oh yes, I am going for a nice Loooooong ride after work!

                It is hard to keep the grin off of my face when I walk down the hall, my boobs are getting very jiggly and it is driving me nuts!
                • Yeah, there comes to a time when you jump or run, like you've always done, and... ouch! as your boobs bounce for the first few times. Guess that means its time to buy a sports bra now if you like to jog then, eh? ;)
                • *dirty evil grin*

                  Hooray for jiggly boobs!!!!!! lol
                  ill never complain of more women getting bigger boobs, i wholeheartedly endorse it!
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.

                    Sports bra already???

                    My top is beginning to fill out some, I guess its time to go SHOPPING!!!
                    As for size, they are each a handful of soft jiggly fun!
                    • i am seriously %100 all beef, no fillers, ( pun INTENDED) all GUY, and i ve got to say im a little envious damnitt. you girls have all the fun bits.
                      Ive never doubted my gender for a minute but nevertheless ive often wondered what itd be like to have a nice rack for a day or two, ( week, month, till my fluids dried up and i expired whichever comes firrst) just to play with, sigh, id NEVER leave the house, lol. ( especially with a gigantic sets of GGs, lol id die a happy man!!)
                      • oh they are fun!

                        Soft jiggly and pear-shaped, I cup them in my hands and feel their weight. They are soft and warm. my nipples are very sensitive, they get hard instantly when I pinch them, or slide my fingers over them.

                        When I wear camisole, I can feel them bouncing as I walk or dance, it immediately brings my breasts to my attention. If wear a tight top, my nipples stick out prominently and I can feel my breasts jiggle as I walk.

                        yes, there is a temptation never to leave the house.
                        • Oh the fun of belated puberty, at least in this regard. Grown adults, long after chronological adolescence, standing around the gender center parking lot after the weekly support group saying to one another, "want to see mine?!? I think I might be at a B cup already!" LOL
                          • Almost a B, but not quite


                            • i love you guys, lol. you guys crack me up.
                              • its a tough job but sombody's gotta do it
                                • Several years ago, I had a urinary blockage and went to the ER to be catheterized. Turned out, I had BPH (Benign Prostate Hyperplasia - swollen prostate, in lay terms). The urologist put me on something - I can't recall what it was, but I could not maintain an erection. I went back to my regular doc, and he got me off of that, and put me on Saw Palmetto, fenugeek, and Estroven Maximum Strength. He told me those things combined would make my body stop producing so much testosterone, and also make it think it was producing estrogen. He said both those things together would not shrink the prostate, but they would slow the growth of it. He said, "I have to warn you, though. Some men notice that they start to grow breasts. At your age (I'm 64) it should not pose a problem. If you were younger, you might find it embarrasing after about six months or so." He does not know that I am a crossdresser at home, but when he told me that I was ecstatic. I came back home, and got online to see what I could find out, and found the Flat 2 Fem program. It is very similar to the stuff he is giving me, but my routine is easier to follow. So I started the daily massage that flat 2 fem recommends. In two months, I have gone from an A cup to a B cup, and have had to purchase a couple of new bras. My nipples have always been sensitive, but they are even more so, and I love the way my new breasts feel when I lie on my side, as I am going to sleep at night.'

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